and then 

we came to a point

where awkward messages 

on yellow post-its 

could no longer

cover the darkeness 

in our lives 


and at once 

i belonged to all worlds

but one 

and yet, i had nowhere to go

but within 

visible and wild

or hidden and held 

these are all tears 

our eyes have beheld

tears of joy 

or tears of sorrow 

tears for that love

you couldn’t have

and you couldn’t borrow

yes, we’ve all wept 

and wearily wiped

and after it all

no more, we’ve sighed

what is 

the colour of your peace, i ask

is it an angry red 

the type i used to dread

or a cool blue

the type that i never knew in you 

i can sometimes see some green 

maybe you truly are all calm, all serene

or are you now painted purple 

as i am, in this downward tumble

and as i haggle

with our collective fate 

you give, and you take back 

like a good god spurned 

but it matters not much 

for life always has a way 

like a sapling in a puddle 

it has no claim to dismay

and in no part, 

will my story be yours, 

because nobody asks the questions, 

that I answer in my poems, 

and nobody sees the meaning, 

I create in my life. 

‚Äčin his hand, a smaller hand 

and a boy he calls “hey buddy”

and there, in testimony, I stand

of all that he is, and could be 

Suddenly, he asked, “Will you walk these streets with me and our child?”

“Yes” she said. Adding that the child would most likely be terribly lazy, getting two half measures of indolence – one each from both of them. 

It was the world’s shortest, most unlikely proposal. That’s what it was about things that weren’t meant to be. They were perfect. They were intense. They made sense to your psyche. They filled up the gaps inside you. And they were clearly unattainable. 

they said 

put a ring to it 

like it were words 

set to a tune 

who really knew 

what a penance it implied 

of what self it denied

that i almost don’t recognize 

who knew that even before 

I donned that garb 

I already knew how naked 

it left everyone i saw

for faith was about love

love was about perseverance 

and perseverance is a lost art 

in a world of half measures 

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